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Best Chinese I've had in Chicago - General Tso's Chix, Crab Rangoon & Zhong's Dumplings. Totally Chinese comfort food.... Two things to watch (and I gave it 5 stars, this isn't a complaint). With side sauces - sweet & sour, soy, etc., order how many packets you need in the comments of the dish. I got crab rangoon and they gave me 1 sweet and sour sauce packet...which is about 1/4 of what I needed. And...on the spiciness, I don't challenge restaurants to hurt me, but when the menu says spicy, I expect some heat. Not the case with my order - no noticeable heat in either General Tso or the dumplings and they are both called spicy on the menu. Same as with the condiment packets, if you want heat, ask for heat because they spicy symbol on the menu isn't completely accurate. Awesome food, just not spicy at all. This is my new go-to spot for Chinese take out, well done Chengdu!


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I ordered beef noodle soup (regular spicy), general tso's chicken, and pork fried noodles cooked longer than usual and very spicy. Everything was delicious. Beef noodle soup was quite spicy and prepared well. Good balance of heat and flavor. Broth was well prepared. General Tso's chicken (white people food) was good, and about what you would expect with that dish. Fried noodles were prepared exactly as I'd hoped they would be. Very spicy, cooked the way I like them. Good vegetables too. Can't tell if chili oil they use is house made or not, but it tastes like it probably is. I recommend the beef noodle soup. It's something I think not enough people have probably tried. Very good. Fried noodles definitely exceeded expectations. Will order from here again.


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This place has really good food and is reasonably priced but they do take forever to deliver. I think it's worth the wait but sometimes I get scared they forgot about me and then I call and then they show up. Everything is really spicy and delicious so I recommend ordering a few spicy things like zhong dumplings or spicy pickles and then offset with something more simple like dan dan noodle or a wonton soup. If you order everything spicy you'll be living in a fire world. I would like to say my impression of chengdu is a good one.


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Not your run of the mill Chinese delivery. Proper restaurant food in terms of ingredients, preperation and flavors. I will definitely be ordering Chinese from here every time from now on, and it looks like a better menu than what is typically offered, so there are a number of items I am excited about trying.

Also, this is the first review I have ever written in GrubHub. I was that surprised and impressed with the quality.


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Great food the regular amarican Chinese food (general tso chicken, ect) is decent if that's what you're in the mood for but this place shines with some more traditional Chinese options I recommend the twice cooked pork with pancake, the dan dan noodels and the szechuan dumplings as some of my personal favorites.

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Delivered 30 mins ahead of schedule.

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